The snow is melted. The cat runs, sleeping. What

The snow is melted. The cat runs, sleeping. What Tell me what made one of the toys, let him guess what.

Explain where toy She is sitting on the side from you before you or you.

If the kid called toy, exchange places to seat toys around.

The game develops the ability to Orient in space as, speech, and ingenuity.

Two and a half to three years Who does what?

You start the phrase, and the baby continues.

As you can on the contrary.

The sun is shining, warm.

Car rides, buzzing.

The snow is melted.

The cat runs, sleeping.

What are two objects or two living creatures.

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In chapter

In chapter In the following of a gl Vakh we will discuss this model.

In chapter we will talk about change of an environment for work from an org nizatsionny skills, placing emphasis on prerequisites to definitely mu to behavior external factors which aggravate or weaken the available problems.

In chapter we will address to behavior and we will tell, how to train children in use of organizational skills.

At last, in chapter we will study the motivating factors, on oshchryayushchy them ispol zovaniye.


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Besides, enter

Besides, enter These strips should not occupy all space of a grant, that is not a dale zhna to be very wide.

The blank space still is required to us, but about it slightly later.

On each strip the number and month of the birth year and so has to be written it is possible to calculate.

Besides, enter a name of the relative shortly the grandmother Valya or completely Ivanova Valentina Ivanovna.

Both of these ways are possible to combine to write a short name more largely that it was from far away visible, and a floor Nov a font it is less, for more senior children.

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Parents How? Jared

Parents How? Jared Parents How?

Jared with parents will establish a specific goal, using the picture a puzzle Parents will help it to establish time frames that achievement of the purpose was under review Jared will begin implementation of the plan while at it appears vozmozh nost to receive the good starting capital its birthday Jared with parents will check how the collected part of a puzzle increases, parents will praise its every time when it buys the next slice of a puzzle Minimum of times in two weeks parents will take Jared in shop where he will be able to play on test model that the boy kept in touch with the purpose What encouragement will be applied as incentive to use from rabotka of skill?

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If the kid is not able

If the kid is not able Then to make cards with the inscriptions corresponding available to characters.

At first together with the child consider animals.

If the kid is not able to speak, call to it animals, show them and ask, who where.

If to Reba NOC already talks, let will tell everything that knows about this animal as speaks where lives and that eats.

Then spread out on a floor or on a table of a card with signatures.

Tell that it is a zoo, animals were brought from different places, allocated everyone a lodge and lyu bimy food.

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